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When Breaker is Regular Summoned, you've the flexibility to place 1 Spell Counter on Breaker (max 1). Breaker positive GoEuro Coupon code factors 300 ATK for every Spell Counter attached to it. You may destroy 1 Spell or Lure Card by removing the Spell Counter from Breaker.

The Level 7 DARK monster is a creature with super powers. On paper, Darkish Horus is stronger than White Horned Dragon, but White Horned Dragon has a nasty impact. You can not Regular Summon or Set this card, and you can only Particular Summon it when you have got exactly three DARKISH monsters in your Graveyard.

You may banish 1 DARK monster in your Graveyard to destroy 1 card on the sector. You can pay half of your life factors to banish each card on the sphere besides this card. Most of your opponents will have Spell Playing cards because they are a vital part of any Deck.

Number 17: Leviathan Dragon has 2000 ATK and zero DEF that positive factors 500 ATK by detaching 1 XYZ Material from this card. You'll be able to banish 1 DARKISH monster to destroy 1 card on the field, but you should utilize this effect greater than once per flip. Obsidian Dragon will not be nearly as good as the other two IF they weren't in a DARK Deck.

Any monster that requires only 1 Tribute and will give you 3700 ATK is an awesome monster for any Deck. You may banish 1 Purple-Eyes Wyvern out of your Graveyard to Particular Summon a Purple-Eyes monster out of your Graveyard except for Purple Eyes Black Chick.

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